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Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair News: Developments in Windshield Technology

As with most business industries, technology constantly drives the windshield repair and automotive industry forward. Car design and manufacturing processes look for new and innovative ways to bring advanced features to car models. These new developments help keep brands competitive as the automotive industry grows and changes. 

As a leader in windshield repair, we’ve seen many changes in auto glass throughout the years. Let’s look at some of the leading developments in windshield technology for 2022.  

4 Advanced in Windshield Glass and Repairs in 2022

Over the past several years, windshields have changed significantly from the plain glass used in the past. Here are four significant advances we’ve seen as one of the top Vancouver windshield repair companies:

1. Panoramic Windshields

Windshield Upgrades

Brought into the auto industry by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, panoramic windshields hit the market with the Tesla Model X. Considered the largest all-glass windshield available today, this auto glass spans 31 square feet of surface area. One of the advantages of these windshields is that they stretch over the driver and passenger, beyond the standard roofline, to add visibility to your vehicle. They also add significant natural light to your car. While Tesla is currently the only make of vehicle using the panoramic windshield, we can expect to see these emerge with more brands as the years go on. Although windshield repair is more costly with the added square footage, the benefits of these panoramic windshields seem to outweigh any expenses. 

2. Smart Car Glass

Just as you can take advantage of innovative technology features in your home, we’re starting to see smart car glass hit the market. Electrochromic glass is emerging with some of the leading luxury sports car manufacturers. It enables the driver to limit the amount of sunlight coming into the vehicle, increasing visibility and comfort. From a windshield repair perspective, changing the amount of light decreases glare and improves road safety. You can also reduce energy consumption, limiting air conditioning usage. 

3. Heated Front Windshields

Heated Windshields

Many brands have adapted this feature, with heated front windshields being an excellent option for environments with cold winters. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover are all offering heated front windshields. Some advantages are their ability to defog and defrost faster than standard windshields. Due to wiring sandwiched within these windshields, windshield repair is more expensive and complicated. However, the advantages are well worth the costs. 

4. Wiper-Free Windshields

While this concept is still in the works, some luxury vehicles are working on offering windshields that don’t need wipers to clear rain and snow. These use an ultrasonic force that causes moisture to slide off the glass. Since they apply sound waves to the surface of the glass, you can expect windshield repair to be more complicated than with traditional auto glass. 

Contact Avenue Auto Glass for Help with Your Windshield Repairs and Upgrades

Whether looking for windshield repairs or the latest industry upgrades, Avenue Auto Glass offers a higher level of service for your needs. We stay on top of the latest industry advances and trends to ensure you get the highest level of service with your auto glass work. Contact our Vancouver windshield repair experts today to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

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Windshield Repair 102: 4 Ways Your Windshield Contributes to Vehicle Safety

Did you know that the condition of your windshield is directly connected to vehicle safety? Yes, your windshield does more than keep debris and rain away from you and your passengers. It’s one of the primary safety features of your vehicle. That’s why staying on top of windshield repair is crucial to your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. 

As part of our commitment to our Vancouver windshield repair clients, we’re bringing you part two of our windshield repair series. This informative article will discuss the importance of maintaining a crack and chip-free windshield. 

Why Is Speedy Windshield Repair Crucial for Vehicle Safety? 

A windshield that is intact and working as expected could save your life one day. Here are four ways your windshield contributes to vehicle safety:

1. It Reinforces Your Vehicle’s Structure

vehicle safety

Modern windshields are made differently than the rest of your vehicle’s glass. Thanks to industry advances, today’s windshields are stronger and more flexible than they were years ago. They contain a thin layer of strong, clear resin. This polyvinyl butyral layer is laminated between two sheets of glass, preventing cracks and chips on one side from reaching the other. 

PVB lamination also allows your windshield to absorb a significant amount of force if you crash. Your windshield can absorb 45% of the impact of a head-on collision and up to 60% of the impact of a rollover. Windshield repair is crucial in these instances because this damage can impact your vehicle’s structural integrity. Without a strong windshield and quality windshield repair, when there’s a problem, your car can be at risk of collapsing in a crash. 

2. It Keeps Passengers Inside

While this might seem like an obvious point, one of the safety features of your vehicle’s windshield is that it keeps passengers secure inside your car. Many collision fatalities occur when passengers are ejected from a vehicle. Cars and trucks are designed, so the safest place to be during an accident is inside the cabin. Your windshield serves as a barrier that keeps your passengers inside the cabin when a crash occurs. That’s why your windshield is vital to your vehicle’s safety, and proactive windshield repair is also critical to your passengers’ safety. 

3. Windshield Work with Your Airbags to Keep You Safe

windshield damage 

Your windshield also helps your airbags work correctly. As part of your vehicle’s overall safety system, you need all these components working together at the moment of impact to ensure you have the best chance of survival. When your vehicle is in a crash, the airbags are deployed. They bounce off the windshield at a precise angle to cushion you and your passengers. If your windshield is damaged or improperly installed, your airbags may not give you the protection you need to save your life. That’s why it’s essential to schedule a windshield repair appointment immediately if you think there’s a problem. 

4. It Gives the Driver a Clear Visual

windshield replacement

Windshields allow you to see the road clearly when you’re driving, whether day or night. Cracks, chips, or scratches can seriously impact your vision and increase your risk of an accident. Visual impairment can be even worse with poor weather conditions. Your wiper blades won’t work well, and your vision can be significantly impacted. If you have any type of blemish on your windshield, you need to immediately take your vehicle to an auto repair shop specializing in windshield repair. This will ensure you have no visual disturbances that create a hazard on the road. 

Contact Avenue Auto Glass for Your Windshield Repair Needs

Avenue Auto Glass strives to bring you a higher level of service for your auto glass damage needs. When it comes to your windshield repair services, you need an auto repair shop with experience in vehicle glass repair and replacement. Contact our Vancouver windshield repair experts today to schedule an appointment and ensure your vehicle’s safety when you hit the open road.

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Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

Window tinting is a standard service auto glass companies provide for vehicle owners. Tinted windows do more than make your car look good. They also offer benefits for you and your vehicle. If you’re considering investing in this service, you may be looking at the pros and cons of window tinting. 

While you can request tinted windows when you first purchase a vehicle, most window tint films are installed by a professional auto glass company. Hiring a professional to install your window tints is the best way to ensure you get quality installation with legal tint in BC. Still, there are some things to consider before hiring someone to tint your windows. 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of window tinting before deciding which direction. 

What Is Window Tinting? 

window tinting near me

Window tinting refers to the process of adding a film to the inside of your vehicle’s windows that darkens the glass. The primary purpose of car window tinting is to reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that enter your vehicle’s interior. Still, many people choose to tint their windows because it looks cool. 

While the thickening of the window tinting film can vary, the pros and cons of window tinting remain the same across the board. However, many countries and states have varying restrictions regarding the darkness of film that can be legally used on your vehicle’s glass. 

Today, various types of tints are available in the automotive accessories market. Some manufacturers apply car options before a sale, and several aftermarket options are also available. The lower the window tinting film number, the darker the tint. Since tints require a specific process for a successful application, it’s best to hire a professional Vancouver auto glass company for the best results. 

What’s the Darkest Tint You Can Get for Windows?

One thing you’ll need to discuss with your window tint pros is the darkness of your tints. The legal tint in BC is as follows:

  • Back and rear windows can be tinted at any level of darkness. 
  • Front side windows cannot be legally tinted. 
  • You can only tint the top 75mm of your front windshield. 

Window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission levels, corresponding with the percentage of visible light passing through your window. Tint percentages are simple to understand when you break them down—the lower the percentage, the darker the tint. For example, a 25% tint means 25% of visible light will pass through the window. 

What Type of Window Tinting Is Best? 

If you’re looking for the best window tinting, carbon or infrared rejection films are top of the line for UV and heat protection. These films block the infrared lights that create a greenhouse effect inside your vehicle. Most new cars come with a small amount of tint today. Still, most car owners want to adjust their window tinting to meet their unique style or preferences. While you can apply window tints yourself, it’s best to hire professional window tinting near Vancouver, BC, to get the best results. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Window Tinting? 

car window tinting

Now that you understand what to consider when choosing window tints and a professional tinting company let’s look at the pros and cons of window tinting. This will help you answer some of the most common questions vehicle owners ask. Is window tinting worth it? Does window tinting reduce visibility? Should you tint your front windows? Let’s dive in!  

What Is the Benefit of Car Window Tinting? 

Many vehicle owners choose to tint their car windows because of the many advantages. Window tint pros include:


One of the most well-known benefits of window tinting is safety. Your car’s windows are made of tempered glass. If you are ever in a car accident, tempered glass will shatter into a thousand pieces that can cause significant injury. Window tinting adds an extra layer of safety that holds most of your glass pieces together when broken. 


Another great benefit of car window tinting is privacy. Tints make it harder for outsiders to see into your vehicle. This can be a great theft deterrent. It also gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. 

Glare Reduction

Even a low tint percentage can significantly reduce sunlight glare. The glare reduction you get from tinting your windows also goes for light reflection. Not only will you squint less with tinted windows, but you’ll also have a safer commute. Wet roads, buildings with lots of windows, and light reflection from other vehicles can impact your visibility on the road, leading to car accidents. 

Harmful UV Ray Reduction

Window tinting also blocks a significant UV light from entering your vehicle. This protects your skin while driving and your vehicle’s interior from fading. Ultraviolet light can damage your interior upholstery and trim. This can lead to fading, cracking, splitting, and other irreparable damage. 

Solar Heat Reduction

Investing in car window tinting can increase the lifespan of your vehicle and its interior components. Tinted windows also reduce the solar radiation that turns your vehicle into a hotbox. Even light tinting can keep your car cooler. This doesn’t just make the inside of your car more comfortable when you need to hit the road, but it also reduces fuel consumption and lightens the load on your air conditioner. 

Visual Aesthetic

Finally, some people add window tinting as a personal preference. Tints create a visual aesthetic that looks cool. With various darkness levels available, tints can fit any size and style of vehicle you have. They can make your car look classy, sporty, rugged, or modern. 

Are There Any Disadvantages of Window Tinting? 

window tinting near Vancouver, BC

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons of window tinting. Although there are more advantages than disadvantages, some vehicle owners consider these reasons not to tint car windows:


Some dark-tinted window tinting film can impair your vision under certain driving conditions. For example, darker tinted windows can decrease visibility with low-light conditions, rain, and fog. At Avenue Auto Glass, we understand the visual limitations of dark tints and work with you to meet your aesthetic goals and simultaneously keep you safe. 


Do-it-yourself or aftermarket films can crack, peel, and bubble when not correctly applied. This doesn’t just reduce visibility when driving, but it also creates an unsightly aesthetic. If your window tinting film is damaged, you’ll need to remove the tint and reapply it. This isn’t just time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. If you want your tints to last for the life of your vehicle, you need to hire experienced professionals offering high-quality window tinting near Vancouver, BC


Finally, laws vary from one location to another regarding how much tint can be applied to your vehicle’s windows. If your tints are too dark, you risk getting a costly fine. Check your local restrictions and regulations before tinting your windows to avoid this issue. Avenue Auto Glass has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your vehicle has a legal tint in BC. 

Now comes the big question: to tint or not to tint? Understanding the pros and cons of window tinting allows you to combine your personal preference with the information you need to make the best decision. Choosing a quality window tinting film and the right professional to install it can ensure you get the best results from your investment. If you’re looking for window tinting near me, call us. Our auto glass experts provide the highest quality window tinting to meet your needs.

Windshield Replacement

Avenue Auto Glass Streamlines Windshield Replacement with ICBC Glass Express Program

Avenue Auto Glass, a leading provider of Vancouver windshield replacement and repair services, is proud to serve clients as a fully approved ICBC Glass Express facility. Glass claims can now be created right at the Avenue Auto Glass shop, saving customers both time and money on the insurance claims process. 

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a crown corporation that provides auto insurance, driver licensing, vehicle registration, and road safety, among other services. ICBC provides protection and peace of mind to B.C. drivers with quality insurance coverage at affordable rates. 

As part of its dedication to quality work and superior customer service, Avenue Auto Glass has partnered with ICBC to make the insurance claims process easier for customers. Instead of going to a claim center to begin the window replacement or repair process, AAG customers benefit from the convenience and stress-free ICBC Glass Express facility located right on the premises. 

If you need to submit a glass claim, you can head straight to Avenue Auto Glass at 636 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3H8. There is no need to even contact ICBC by phone. All you need to bring with you is your insurance papers, and an Avenue Auto Glass employee will start the process on your behalf. 

“When it comes to insurance claims, the entire process can be drawn out, stressful, and complicated. As part of our commitment to our customers, we wanted to find a way to streamline the windshield replacement and repairs process. We became an ICBC Glass Express facility in 2002, offering clients the advantage of producing glass claims right here in the shop,” says Avenue Auto Glass owner. “Our professionals install your windshield replacement and handle repairs safely and timely. At the same time, our insurance professionals handle all aspects of your glass claims. This saves our customers the hassle of time and money.” 

Avenue Auto also offers various professional services to meet all your auto needs, including windshield tinting and rock chip repair. When you choose the Avenue Auto team for your auto glass services, you get the extra touches you deserve as a vehicle owner. Many services even come with complimentary interior vacuuming, vehicle sanitation, and courtesy cars. 

The Benefits of Choosing Avenue Auto Glass for Your Auto Glass Windshield Replacement and Repairs

Avenue Auto Glass strives to make a difference in the community and bring a higher level of client satisfaction to customers through an array of services. As one of the largest providers of vehicle glass repair, replacement, and window tinting services in Vancouver, the company prides itself in serving countless customers from Vancouver and the surrounding area. With over two decades of service, Avenue Auto Glass is available to fix all types of auto glass damage for new and existing customers. 

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair 101: Do I Need Repairs or Full Replacement?

Do you have a crack or chip in your windshield? When it comes to windshield damage, it’s imperative to act quickly. Even minor chips in your windshield can lead to significant problems on the road. So, how do you know if you need windshield repair or replacement services? Most people cringe at the thought of needing to contact an auto glass replacement company, especially if you don’t have the budget for unexpected damage. 

Luckily, some guidelines can help you understand what’s needed when your windshield is damaged. Let’s dive into the topic of windshield repair with everything you need to know about dealing with a cracked windshield. 

Assessing Your Windshield Damage

Your windshield plays a vital role in your vehicle. A compromised or broken windshield can create a significant danger on the road, posing a threat to your safety and the safety of other drivers around you. If you think you need a windshield repair, it’s crucial to act quickly. 

The first step to determining whether you need windshield repair or replacement is to assess the damage. Minor cracks and chips under three inches can be fixed with a simple windshield repair. Anything larger than this typically requires a total replacement. However, some small cracks and chips can be irreparable based on their location. 

Different Types of Windshield Damage

Pebbles, debris, intentional damage, and car crashes can create different types of auto glass damage. The most common types of windshield damage include:

  • Windshield cracks
  • Circular cracks
  • Bullseye cracks
  • Windshield chips
  • Windshield pits

What Determines Windshield Repair vs. Replacement? 

When you bring your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop, they will look at several things to determine how to proceed with your damage. 


Size matters when it comes to cracks and chips on your windshield. If a chip is greater than one inch in diameter, you might not be able to proceed with a windshield repair service. Likewise, if a crack is longer than three inches, you’ll probably need a total replacement. Your auto glass expert will measure the size of your crack or chip before looking at the other determining factors and recommending the right service for your windshield damage. 

Type of Crack

windshield cracks

Believe it or not, not all windshield cracks are the same. Some cracks only penetrate the surface of your glass, while others impact several layers. Single-layer cracks can be easy to fill in. When smaller cracks are left without a windshield appear, you may notice new cracks emerge. 

Cracks can come from a starter crack, creating a tree-like appearance. You’ll see multiple limbs or branches emerge from the initial crack, getting worse over time. Unfortunately, these are harder to repair. You’ll typically need to have a full examination of your windshield to determine if a total replacement is your only option. 

It’s also important to note that minor cracks can worsen from driving your vehicle or leaving it in direct sunlight before a windshield repair can be made. This can impact your auto glass repair technician’s ability to fix the starter crack. This is why you’ll want to have your windshield assessed and repaired as quickly as possible. 


Windshield Repair Technician

Finally, the location of your crack or chip plays a vital role in your windshield repair vs. replacement options. Even with quality windshield repairs, unevenness, discoloration, or blurriness can occur. Therefore, chips or cracks in the driver’s line of sight often need a total windshield replacement. This ensures that you don’t have any visual obstructions when driving. If your damage is not in the driver’s line of sight, location doesn’t typically matter when determining whether or not you need to replace your windshield. 

Hire a Qualified Auto Glass Repair Company Today! 

If you need auto glass repair or replacement in Vancouver, we’re here to help. Our team of experts specializes in all types of windshield and glass damage. We’ll examine your vehicle and determine whether windshield repair or replacement is required. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring you the peace of mind and safety you deserve when you hit the road.