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Vancouver Chip Repair

Why We Always Try to Repair Your Existing Windshield Before Replacing It With A New One

It happens to the best of us. Whether it’s because you had a minor accident, or if you got a chip on your windshield from a small pebble that flew onto it from the road, you suddenly find yourself with a broken, chipped, cracked, or scratched windshield. Now that you’ve got the damage, it’s time to get the damage fixed. Some people may be inclined to always and invariably just replace the whole windshield with a new one, but we at Avenue Auto Glass know that it’s always better to try and repair your existing one first. We can assess the situation and repair your windshield quickly and conveniently, which will save you time, money, and stress both now and in the long run.

Why it’s important to fix it sooner rather than later

The most important factor in whether or not we can repair your windshield is how bad the damage is. A small scratch, chip, or even a small crack (usually less than 10 inches) can still be repaired. But once the damage spreads beyond a certain point, it becomes substantially more difficult (and therefore more time-consuming and expensive) to fix it properly. It’s also very dangerous to drive with any damage that could obstruct your line of sight; dirt and debris that collect inside of a scratch or crack’s grooves just add to this problem. That’s why it’s so important to bring in your car as soon as you notice something has happened, no matter how small it looks, because that small nick can turn into a huge deal with a single bump, vibration, or even a significant temperature change.

Repairs save materials and costs

So you brought in your vehicle early enough to get that small chip, scratch, or crack fixed – great! We’re happy to save you time and money by repairing it rather than replacing it. Instead of giving you all new materials in a brand new windshield, we simply take out our windshield repair kits and inject liquid resin into the damaged area, thereby salvaging what’s still good about the rest of the windshield. After applying some UV and cleaning up any excess resin, the liquid hardens and your windshield is as good as new. Repairing and not replacing your windshield saves us labor and the cost of parts, which we then pass on to you. Many insurance companies will also favor repairs rather than replacements, and pass those savings your way. Finally, let’s not forget that avoiding a windshield replacement also in turn saves the environment some damage because it’s one less broken windshield thrown into a landfill.

Keep the original factory seal

The original factory seal of your windshield ensures an airtight fit; although having the work done by a qualified professional like the ones at Avenue Auto Glass gives you the best chance for a flawless finish, it is always optimal to keep the original factory seal. Your original factory seal keeps fog and condensation from creeping in and hindering your ability to see the road, so it’s important to try to maintain it. This also, again, saves you labor costs, and guarantees that your repaired windshield is in good working order.

The bottom line

Don’t take chances with your safety in the car, and that includes not taking chances with your car’s windshield damage. Bring it in for a repair as soon as you need it, and let us make sure that your windshield keeps you safe and secure inside your car for years to come. Contact the windshield and auto glass experts here at Avenue Auto Glass by phone at 604-765-1790, or visit us at 636 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3H8.

Care for Your Windshield in the Winter!

Winter has officially arrived in Vancouver. Although we in B.C.’s Lower Mainland are not known for the harsh winters that the rest of Canada experiences, we can still get our share of cold weather, ice, and snow. Many of us do our best to prepare our vehicles for this by investing in snow tires and antifreeze; but what about your windshield? Don’t neglect one of the most important parts of your car! Care for your windshield in the wintertime by following these easy guidelines, and help keep driving in the ice and snow as safe and comfortable as possible.

Keep your windshield clean

Although you should be keeping your windshield clean all year round, some people are afraid to use their windshield washer fluid in the wintertime; don’t be afraid to use it liberally! Just make sure that your washer fluid has anti-fog or anti-freeze properties so that it can keep your windshield clear. This also means that using plain water as windshield washer fluid is a bad idea, as it will freeze and just add to the poor visibility that ice and snow bring with them.

Dirt and dust on your windshield are neither safe for driving nor are they good for the long-term life of your windshield, as they can lead to scratches if stuck on and not attended to promptly. It also pays to keep your windshield clean because scratches and chips on a clean glass surface will be much easier to see than on a dirty one, and so you’ll be able to bring your chipped windshield in for a small repair before it spreads into a much larger – and more expensive – windshield repair job.

Change your wipers regularly

Regardless of the weather outside, windshield wipers eventually age and become less effective because the rubber starts to degrade. Making sure that your windshield wipers are working well will pay big dividends in keeping scratches off of your windshield. In addition, there are special winter wiper blades that are made specifically for clearing ice and snow. If you park your car outside or spend a lot of time driving when it snows, it may be worth it to look into having these special winter wiper blades installed.

Get a real scraper to clean ice from your windshield

Although it may seem like investing in a real scraper isn’t worth it considering that we get much more rain than snow here, don’t be fooled by false economy. Using makeshift scrapers (like metal spatulas) will not only not do the job well, but will almost definitely lead to windshield scratches and other problems if handled badly. Using a proper plastic scraper with a snow brush will be a much wiser decision, both in the short- and long term.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Using boiling water or some other high heat source to melt the snow or ice off of your windshield is a terrible idea because the sudden temperature change could lead to your windshield cracking. You should instead aim to slowly raise the temperature by using your car’s defroster or heater, if possible.

Get cracks and chips repaired immediately

That being said, sudden temperature changes can be inevitable as you take your car out of a garage or underground parking lot. That change can be enough to make small cracks and chips spread into an ugly and expensive mess. Be proactive and take care of these small jobs while you still can; contact the windshield and auto glass experts here at Avenue Auto Glass by phone at 604-765-1790, or visit us at 636 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3H8.