ICBC Claims (licensed shops)

ICBC Claims (licensed shops)

In February 2017, ICBC began offering free windshield repair for policyholders that have the optional comprehensive coverage. ICBC says this is a cost-effective alternative to windshield replacement and will be the first choice of the corporation when it is safe to do so. A windshield chip repair costs about $70 compared to more than $800 for a new one.

In 2016, ICBC handled over 109,000 claims for broken or damaged windshields. The repair option will reduce that number by 10% or more. Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, says that this change to the policy will benefit more than 2.5 million people by saving ICBC approximately $7 million per year in replacement costs. In addition, more than 8000 windshields will be diverted from landfills and remain in use, sometimes for the life of the vehicle.

In rural areas where glass replacement services are more time-consuming and require special order parts, repair rather than replacement is the preferred choice. The number of gravel roads, which cause more rock chips, in rural areas sometimes outnumber paved roads. Donna Barnett, the Minister of State for Rural Economic Development says, “Moving toward windshield repair rather than a full replacement – when possible – is something that will hugely benefit residents in my community and more rural parts of B.C. Not only will it make dealing with a chipped windshield more convenient, but it will contribute toward lowering the pressures on insurance rates, which is a win-win.”

Vehicle glass repair shops licensed by ICBC, including Avenue Auto Glass, have technicians with the required training and experience to repair many different types of windshield chips, cracks, and impact points like the “star-break” or “half-moon” indent that is common. The next time you have a chip, crack, ding, or break, call us to have it fixed right away and, if you’re an ICBC comprehensive policyholder, remember that the repair is always free of charge.

Don’t take chances with your safety in the car, and that includes not taking chances with your car’s windshield damage. Bring it in for a repair as soon as you need it, and let us make sure that your windshield keeps you safe and secure inside your car for years to come. Contact the windshield and auto glass experts here at Avenue Auto Glass by phone at 604-765-1790, or visit us at 636 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3H8.